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Research Group Luminescence

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Who we are and what we are doing

The Research Group Luminescence is part of the Chair of Geomorphology at the University of Bayreuth and is concerned in the broadest sense with the dating of sediments, silex and volcanogenically heated rocks. These dates serve to understand geomorphological processes, such as flood events, landslides, volcanic eruptions, etc., or to time the traces of human remains. In this respect, we work closely with a wide range of scientists from other disciplines such as archaeologists, soil scientists, climatologists and physicists.

Further informationen on this dating technique you will find here: Luminescence

Our geographical research-fields are located in the following areas:

  •  Germany (Oberfranken, Eifel, Usedom)
  •  Northern Europe (Iceland, Norway)
  •  South East Europe (Romania, Serbia)
  •  Southern Europe (Spain, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote)
  •  Middle East (Jordan, Oman)
  •  Africa (Cameroon, Egypt, South Africa)
  •  Central America (Panama)
  •  South East Asia (Thailand)

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